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How does enrich data ensuring the highest accuracy?

**Data enrichment and accuracy**

At we integrate with your Shopify setup making use of the conversions API system which is built into almost all of the ad platforms. This allows us to collect various amounts of data when a customer is both navigating and executing a purchase from your store. This data is then sent back in real time to your chosen ad platform and pixel.

Now that the pixel is receiving accurate data for every relevant conversion that takes place, this is where the enrichment is happening. For example, when using Meta for your ads, they use a process called advanced matching.

Think of advanced matching as a method of piecing together the data we send back, and matching it with the relevant customer profile on the social media platform. Your ads manager can now not only use the data we provided but also use the existing knowledge and power of the ad platform to determine your look alike or ideal audience. it will begin to optimise the pixel on your previous purchases and build a target demographic of high probability purchasers. It is the combination of our accurate data and your ad platforms back end processes which work together to get your ads in front of people who are most likely to interact with and purchase from your ads and campaigns.

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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