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How to integrate with Pinterest Ads?

Before you proceed, make sure you are logged in to your Pinterest Business Manager.

Step 1: Adding or selecting store

Go to "Overview" tab on left side and access "Store" Section within app. From here, kindly "click" on your store name.

Note: Screenshot below is for those user who added their store on our app. If you haven't added the store domain yet, please do so. The demo video in the bottom left-hand corner within our app will show you the steps needed to add your first store successfully.

Step 2: Toggling on the Pinterest icon

After clicking on your store name, you might want to scroll down to see the Pinterest icon. Make sure to toggle on the button on Pinterest then select "Add pixel" to proceed with the next steps.

Step 3: Filling out the needed details

The pop-up window will change and make sure to select Pinterest. You will need to supply all the information needed. Name (optional), Tag ID, Ad Account ID, and Access Token.

Now, to find the needed information, please follow the steps below

Step 4 From the menu of Pinterest Ads Manager, go to Ads dropdown and select Conversions

Step 5: On the left sidebar menu, click on Tag Manager then Install the Pinterest Tag on the right side.

Step 6: Once you clicked Install Pinterest tag, the page will route you to the Set up page but you can just go ahead and copy the Tag ID on the right side corner of the page.

Step 7: Go back to the web-app and paste it into the space provided for Tag ID.

Note: Please make sure to follow the correct format. The Tag ID should be a little longer than the Ad Account ID.

Step 8: Once you have pasted the Tag ID on our app, please go back to Pinterest platform and select again Ads on top of your screen then**Conversion**. See attached screenshot below.

Now, we need to get the Ad Account ID and Access Token.

Step 9: In the menu, select Conversion Access Token on the left side. Copy the Ad account ID and paste it into the space provided for Ad Account ID on web-app.

Step 10: On the same tab, click on Generate new token. Access token should start with** “pina”**. Paste these fields in web-app

Step 10. In the event that you added all the details needed, just press "Add Pixel" to complete the integration.

Once you have added your Pinterest Tag/Pixel, you should see a green icon beside it which means that it was added accordingly.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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