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How can I prevent over-reporting in my Ads Manager?

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Is your Ads Manager showing more results than you expected? Sometimes, other tracking apps, like third-party pixels, can cause this. Even the Ads platforms have their own tracking.

⚠️ To fix this over-reporting, please uninstall ALL other third-party Pixel tracking apps AND disable the standard Pixel tracking in the following apps on Shopify if applicable, which is very important to prevent over-reporting 👇

Some examples of other third-party Pixel tracking app, that needs to be removed, are 👇
OnePixel Facebook / TikTok Pixel
Orichi - Multi Facebook Pixel
Omega - Facebook Pixel
FBTrack - Facebook Pixel
TiXel: Multi Pixels Installer
Trackify X Facebook Pixel
Pixelio FB Facebook pixel
Pixee - Multi Facebook Pixels
and many more.

Finally, please let us know if you still experience any issues with your tracking, so we can assist you in resolving them.

Updated on: 30/01/2024

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